The Process

Film is a process. Here are some iPhone snaps of my bulk loading and development process.

Bulk Loading

I often find good deals on bulk expired film on eBay. I load the 100 foot roll of film into the bulk loader using a dark bag to keep out the light.

Once the film is in the bulk loader, I can load all the cassettes in daylight.

The reusable cassettes work great and with a 100' roll, I can load 18 36-exposure cassettes.

Home Development

It's actually very practical to whip up some chemicals and develop film in the bathroom. It saves you a ton of $ and is also quite fun. 

After running through Developer, a Stop bath, Fixer, and a thorough rinse, it's time to dry.

Uncut negatives are a sweet sight. I still get excited every time I see the images on the film for the first time.

Recently I've moved onto developing my own color (C-41) film. It's intimidating to try, but it's actually no more difficult than B&W. The trick is in learning how to raise the temperature of your chemicals.

Using Format