About Me

"It took many years of shooting before I began to realize why I was not satisfied with my work. I discovered that it was not the photography that I was dissatisfied with, but the format." 

- LeRoy Zimmerman



They say it's about the journey, not the destination. After spending several years fully immersed in film photography with my Minolta XG-1, I bought a Canon 10D DSLR in 2004. By 2008, I couldn't understand why I was so jaded and tired of photography. I bought a Holga and a Blackbird Fly and rediscovered the joys of shooting film and self developing. Last summer, I picked up a well loved Leica M3 and haven't looked back. For me the greatest joy of photography is the very tangible and rewarding process.


My current focus is on 35mm film photography with a 1955 Leica M3. I find joy in bulk loading a roll of film, loading the film, spending extra care in exposing those 36 exposures per roll with a fully manual film camera, mixing the chemicals then developing the film in my bathroom, scanning, using my iPad as my digital darkroom, then sharing the final photo. I'm all about the process.

Join the Film Community

Did you used to shoot film and miss the pre-digital days or are you curious about the "lost art" of film photography?

Film is very much alive. Join the community of film photographers through social media and get out in the world with a film camera. It's never too late to experience the joys of film. I'd love to chat with you about film- give me a holla through my contact page.

The film camera I learned on. The Minolta XG-1.

One of the toy cameras that seduced me back from digital, the Blackbird Fly. 

My Leica M3 that I shoot most of my film photography with today.

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